India and Russia have signed a defence agreement to strengthen their strategic partnership and promote mutual cooperation in the defence sector. The agreement was signed during a meeting between Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, in Moscow.

The agreement aims to enhance defence cooperation between the two countries by promoting joint military exercises, exchange of military personnel, and sharing of defence technology. This agreement comes at a time when India is looking to reduce its dependence on traditional allies and diversify its defence partnerships.

India and Russia have a long-standing defence relationship dating back to the Soviet era. Russia has been a major supplier of defence equipment to India, with the majority of Indian defence purchases coming from Russia. However, in recent years, India has also been exploring defence partnerships with other countries, such as the United States and Israel.

The defence agreement between India and Russia is significant as it reaffirms the long-standing partnership between the two countries and lays the foundation for deeper cooperation in the future. It also comes at a time when India is facing increasing security challenges from its neighbours, such as China and Pakistan.

The agreement covers a wide range of areas, including military education and training, joint research and development of defence technology, and joint production of military equipment. It also includes provisions for joint exercises and military exchanges between the two countries.

The defence agreement is expected to benefit both countries by strengthening their defence capabilities and promoting mutual cooperation in the defence sector. For India, it provides access to Russian defence technology and expertise, while for Russia, it opens up opportunities for joint production and export of defence equipment to India.

Overall, the defence agreement between India and Russia is a positive development for both countries and bodes well for the future of their strategic partnership. As India continues to modernize its defence forces and expand its military capabilities, partnerships with countries such as Russia will be crucial in achieving its strategic objectives.